Meet the Artists

We’ve partnered with a group of eclectic international artists to create limited edition pieces that combine their elevated illustrations with our ultra-soft signature organic cotton jersey.

Artist 1

Erik Abel

Erik Abel is an artist based in Southern Oregon. His modern animal and landscape designs are inspired by his love for the ocean, travel and nature.

IG Handle: @abelarts
Artist 2


Ally Zlydaszyk is an artist/illustrator based in Utah. Her work is inspired by the vastness of nature and the color palettes within it. She believes everyone has the ability to change their reality and encourages people to explore their inner worlds through her art.

IG Handle: @thoughtandcolor
Artist 3

Kaari Selven

Kaari Selven is a California based artist known for her detailed illustrations of nature and her bounty. Woven into her art are themes of growth, identity and a deep appreciation for the diverse flora and fauna of this earth.

IG Handle: @kaariandco
Artist 4

Kelly Malka

Kelly Malka is a designer and illustrator based in Los Angeles, California.

IG Handle: @bykellymalka
Artist 5

Harley and J

Jasmin Meier is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Byron Bay, Australia. She describes her art as captivated by the weird and wonderful and inspired by the natural world and human form with a combination of 60's and 70's psychedelic music posters.

IG Handle: @harleyandj
Artist 6

Sun Keep

The artwork on this piece was created by Catie St.Jacques, the British Columbia based artist behind Sun Keep. Her work expresses love, light and harmony through shape, color and nostalgia and is inspired by the infinite energy of the sun and the mystery of life.

IG Handle: @sun_keep
Artist 7

Chantell Marlow

The artwork on this piece was created by midwest based designer + illustrator Chantell Marlow. Inspired by faith, motherhood and the “helpers” of the world, she uses art to bring a little beauty and thoughtfulness into our fast-paced lives.

IG Handle: @chantellmarlow
Artist 8

Parrott Paints

The artwork on this piece was designed by Colorado based artist McKenzie Parrott. Inspired by nature, she is focused on creating bold colorful work that promotes connectedness, kindness + self-love.

IG Handle: @ParrottPaints
Artist 9

Sun in Ink

Kathleen Tompkins is a Los Angeles based digital artist inspired by emotion and imagination.

IG Handle: @suninink
Artist 10

Becca Reitz

Becca Reitz is a Denver based graphic designer, illustrator, and entrepreneur. Through her distinct monoline illustration style, visual balance, and symmetry, her work captures the essence of the higher self, the power of our earth, nature and the divine feminine.

IG Handle: @becca_reitz
Artist 11

Art by Ocha

Alyssa is a Colorado-based illustrator inspired by tarot, tattoo and spirituality. She uses her art to promote positivity and self-love.

IG Handle: @artby.ocha
Artist 12

Ameya's Realm

The artwork on this piece was created by Ameya, the Melbourne based artist behind Ameya’s Realm. She believes that everything is art and we just need to notice it. She is especially interested in the interconnectedness of the microcosm and macrocosm and is especially interested in the mystery of space.

IG Handle: @ameyasrealm
Artist 13

Walker Noble

The artwork on this piece was created by Walker Noble, an artist based in Los Angeles, California. As a Black owned company, one of the guiding principles of his mission is to make art accessible for everyone to enjoy.

IG Handle: @walkernoblestudios
Artist 14

Steffi Lynn

Steffi Lynn Tsai was born in Austin, Texas and now resides in Brooklyn, NY. Steffi’s work is filled with quirkiness, color and character as she takes normal everyday things, reactions and feelings and makes them playful, exciting and enticing.

IG Handle: @haveanicedayy_
Artist 15

Gingiber by Stacie Bloomfield

Gingiber is the artwork of Illustrator Stacie Bloomfield. At Gingiber, the goal of each drawing is to help people reconnect with their creative, inspirational selves.

IG Handle: @gingiber
Artist 16

Ariana Detrez

The artwork on this piece was created by Ariana Detrez an artist based in Orlando, Florida. Ariana has always embraced her art as a space where she can freely experiment and share her perspective with others.

IG Handle: @arianadetrez
Artist 17

Real Fun, Wow

The artwork on this piece was created by Daren Thomas Magee, the Ojai, California artist behind Real Fun Wow. The aim of his work is to speak to the spaces between imagination and reality and he loves to create and share his creations with the world.

IG Handle: @realfunwow
Artist 18

Rose England

The artwork on this piece was created by Rose England, an artist and illustrator based in London, England. She specializes in creating feminine portraits + figures of different ethnicities, shapes and sizes so all women feel empowered and represented by her work.

IG Handle: @roseenglandlondon
Artist 19


The artwork on this piece was created by Chelsea Skye, the Alberta based artist behind Lunarlilt. Her art is an ever-changing process that allows her intuition to express reverence for the beauty of the world.

IG Handle: @lunarlilt